The NFL Draft began  Thursday and Twitter bounced after an entertaining first round, but it appears Antonio Brown stole the thunder for a chance  that  same Friday after a wild tweet.

Brown announced on Twitter  Friday afternoon that he was retiring from the NFL and returning to the league to join the Baltimore Ravens.

"Good to be back in the NFL this year," Brown tweeted with a photo edited into a Ravens uniform.

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The seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver announced just two months ago that he was officially ending his NFL career and retiring.

Buccaneers and former head coach Bruce Arians left Brown after his 2021 incident with the New York Jets,

removing his shin pads mid-game and heading to the locker room. The entire event went viral on social media and  Twitter.

Brown's constant off-field problems give him an instant headache, as do the Ravens, who currently don't have him on their official roster.

As usual, Brown is still trying to stir the pot and create chaos for attention, and it seems to have worked.

All Images Credit to Google Images/ respective Owner