"I expressly deny the various false allegations made against me that I have acted inappropriately towards employees or violated important professional guidelines," he said.

Ms. Lynch said she makes “personal decisions that may irritate those who fall short or are unwilling to engage in real teamwork and service; maybe I should have cleared some of them out sooner.”

She added that she was “obligated to take responsibility and work on herself”; while explaining that the allegations were intended to "defeat" me.

Both newspapers reported that Ms. Lynch had gathered staff at one of their restaurants, 

Barbara Lynch denies staff abuse claims

Menton, last month after the deaths of two employees,  chef Rye Crofter, and a line chef. Both died of drug overdoses.

Each venue received a recording of a meeting where staff claimed Ms. Lynch drunkenly yelled at staff and confronted the restaurant's new chef,

, who claimed Ms. Lynch did not come to the meeting kitchen after Mr. Crofter's death.

Barbara Lynch denies staff abuse claims

He fired his boss and threatened to throw his head out of a window after saying it would ruin his reputation, the Times reported.

Former employees had accused the 59-year-old of further spontaneous resignations, exposed employees to unwanted contacts, and threatened violence, especially under the influence of alcohol.

Ms. Lynch was named one of the most influential people of 2017 by Time Magazine and has won multiple James Beard Awards for culinary art.

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