During an appearance on 'The Drew Barrymore Show' on Friday, the 'Air' actor revealed what his wife would change about him, although he 'never' admitted it.

"He'd probably like to cultivate the brevity of how I speak," Affleck said of Lopez, 53. "I don't know if you've noticed, but I keep going and going. I'm talking in circles.”

“He never told me, but I think so,” he added. Among his talkative tendencies, Affleck had nothing but praise for Lopez, calling her "the greatest woman alive."

When Barrymore asked how the Bronx resident stayed so fit, Affleck revealed it was all about good genetics.

"Let me tell you something that will shock you," he said. “Jennifer eats what she wants. He eats pizza, cookies, ice cream...everything.

Obviously shocked, Barrymore asked, "Is that exercise?" to which Affleck quipped, "She works out, but I work out too... but I don't look magical in my 20s, you know what I mean?" Perfect skin and all.

Despite declaring that Lopez had a great "work ethic" and "discipline," he still failed his "superhuman" wife.

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