Bridget Fonda, the 59-year-old star of the movie Jackie Brown, was recently seen making a rare public appearance at LAX Airport on April 17.

She was accompanied by her son Oliver Elfman, 18, when paparazzi asked her if she planned to return to acting after her retirement 20 years ago, Bridget firmly replied with a simple "No."

Bridget Fonda

When the reporter pointed out that Bridget had an iconic career in Hollywood, the Golden Globe nominee reiterated that she is content with her decision to retire from acting.

She stated, "I don't think so, it's too nice being a civilian." Bridget further confirmed that no director or role could convince her to return to the industry.

Bridget Fonda has had a successful career in Hollywood, having starred in several popular films, including Point of No Return, Single White Female, and A Simple Plan.

She has also been nominated for various awards, including the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Despite her notable career, Bridget has been mostly absent from the entertainment industry since her retirement in 2002. She has occasionally made appearances in movies and TV shows,

but her focus has been on her personal life, including her marriage to composer and musician Danny Elfman, and raising her son.

The actress's latest statement regarding her retirement from acting suggests that she has no plans to return to the industry any time soon.

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