Bryan Reynolds was signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates. The flashy outfielder signed an eight-year extension for $106.75 million.

It's a very team-friendly deal for the Pirates, which are among the more frugal franchises in baseball.

This came months after Reynolds publicly requested a trade, which the hackers ignored. They said they were only transferring him because of a "Juan Soto guy";

go back and never take it from anyone. It will now remain in Pittsburgh for almost a decade.

Bryan Reynolds Extension, star's new contract

Reynolds#039; The new deal puts him on par with Aaron Hicks ($10 million), Ryan McMahon ($11.7 million), 

Yoan Moncada ($14 million), and Chris Taylor ($15 million). Not an elite group of players at the moment.

Bryan Reynolds would be considered a better player and a more valuable piece than a lot of his new financial peers,

so this was a great move for the Pirates. His $13.25 million AAV is very cheap for a young, controllable, All-Star outfielder.

As for the outfielder, it is a shocking move for him to sign this. Not only is it a bit low for his value,

he just expressed a strong desire to leave the Pirates a few months ago.

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