Denise Richards is pondering her wild connection with her ex Charlie Sheen. Richards, 52, conceded she was "extremely credulous" about Sheen's, 58, fight with habit when they initially met.

"I was uninformed when we became together about habit since I was uninformed about dependence," she said on the "Fair B" web recording.

" That is the reason I never figured he could at any point backslide. ""This is certainly not a simple street… I've experienced a lot of hardship with him," Richards added.

When Sheen "spiraled" into his habit, the "Frightening Film 3" entertainer saw that he was "no more" the individual she wedded and not level-headed.

 "He was totally different based on what the public saw when he spiraled… after 'Over two Men' when he was terminated."

Richards and Sheen's parted was exceptionally open and got really ugly, particularly when the entertainer backslid on medications and liquor.

"There was a great deal of stuff individuals didn't realize that wasn't public," Richards recalled. " At the point when I recorded, fundamentally he went to work,

I gathered a bag and took our little girl… who was not so much as 1 and went to the Beverly Slopes inn… I went to seek legal separation."

Denise Richards confesses

Regardless of their promising and less promising times, the "Genuine Housewives of Beverly Slopes" alum admitted

she "totally" doesn't lament wedding him and accepted they came into one another's lives to have their girls.

 Richards and Sheen secured the bunch in 2002 and she petitioned for legal separation in 2005 while she was a half-year pregnant with their subsequent little girl, Lola.

The pair furthermore share a girl named Sami, presently 19, and Richards has a 12-year-old girl whom she embraced in 2011 named Eloise.