The champions are alive and well with a stunning Game 4 victory over the Sacramento Kings who broke the first-round series with two games to go.

It's by far the most compelling series this round, and while the Golden State Warriors have struggled on the road all season, you can bet they're pretty confident of making the game going forward.

Green's influence was felt whenever he appeared. And he showed why with critical breaks on defense and knowing

where he needs to be on offense, he feels worthy of whatever the front office demands this summer.

 Draymond Green will Return

He is unique, especially on defense as he disrupts Domantas Sabonis in the center and has the guts to keep De'Aaron Fox on the touchline.

The Warriors literally tried, everyone on Fox and Green had their turn. On several occasions in the fourth quarter,

the Kings had a multi-man lead at fullback near the rim, with Green thwarting the game. Or Green's saved against Harrison Barnes and his save against Sabonis on an offensive rebound.

Now back to the crime scene - or babble - he returns to Sacramento for Game 5 and has to deal with everything that entails.

When it brings tenacity, defense, and focus, warriors will feel like they can withstand almost anything, almost anything.

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