Eden Hazard, recently retired from football, was known for his exceptional skills and his distinct physical attribute, a large posterior.

Hazard played for clubs like Lille, Chelsea, and Real Madrid, impressing fans with his talent and his unique technique.

Yaya Toure, in 2021, mentioned how Hazard used his posterior effectively in football, waiting for the last moment to block opponents and create space.

Hazard's ability to control the ball and protect himself using his body, hips, and posterior was remarkable and often protected him from aggressive defenders.

His approach earned respect from his coaches and teammates, with an emphasis on his competitive spirit and unwillingness to complain when fouled.

The article recalls a specific instance in 2014 when Hazard's sock was ripped by a forceful tackle, and he appreciated the dedication of his "family."

Hazard's skill and unique physical attribute became an in-joke in the football world.Despite the humor, his technique was highly valuable for his success on the field.

 Hazard's retirement marks the end of an era in football.  The football community will remember his skill, versatility, and distinctive style.