Emily Ratajkowski admitted she "didn't expect" her steamy kissing session with Harry Styles to take over social media like this.

The 'My Body' author was spotted playing tonsil tennis with the three-time Grammy winner in Tokyo last month after splitting from Ratajkowski's girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

"I didn't expect that to happen, but in general I think there's a reason some celebrities live in LA, hire security guards, 

and don't go to public restaurants," she told Vogue Spanish of the leaked kissing video.

Emily Ratajkowski ‘didn’t expect’

In a clip provided to the Daily Mail, Ratajkowski, 31, caresses Styles' cheek as they kiss while leaning against a silver van.

"It's very strange to have certain experiences and then the whole world knows about it and comments on it," he told the publication, according to the translation.

"I'm just someone who went from a three-year relationship to a four-year relationship," she said, referring to her previou

s relationship with musician Jeff Magid and her unhappy marriage to Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Emily Ratajkowski ‘didn’t expect’

"I'm back together for the first time in a long time," she explained. “The interest in this particular area is very strange. Not that I'm surprised, but it's a small part of my life.

“Most of my life revolves around my son and my job. But I don't think these questions inspire the flashy headlines themselves. Penetrating private aspects is very difficult for me added Ratajkowski.

Styles and Wilde dated for almost two years before the couple split in November.

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