Eric Braeden has announced that he has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing immunotherapy to treat high-grade cancer cells near his bladder.

A Young and the Restless veteran posted a 13-minute video to Facebook on Friday claiming to have prostate problems while recovering from recent knee replacement surgery when a health risk emerged.

"I hate getting so personal, but I think it might be useful for some older kids who may or may not hear it," he said.

Braeden said the prostate problem had gotten so bad that he urinated frequently, about every half hour. The urologist suggested the UroLift procedure, which relieves the urethra.

But before undergoing the procedure, Braeden said the urination problem "got so bad I couldn't urinate."

"And what my friends can tell you is one of the most painful experiences I've had," she said.

Eric Braeden Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Finally, Braeden went to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles for a second opinion, where he was treated by one of the pioneers of UroLift.

He returned to the hospital a few days later, but it's unclear exactly when, and at that point, Braeden said the doctor had diagnosed him with cancer.

The plan changed to having a doctor perform the UroLift, after which  Braeden said the doctor would remove cancer.

Braeden said he had a second session last week. He said some of the side effects are flu-like symptoms.

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