Former Packer's defenseman Kevin King has announced he tore his Achilles tendon in training to get fit for the 2023-22 NFL  season,

citing that he needed a break from the mental toll of injuries, that he has faced throughout his career.

The 28-year-old injured his left shoulder in his rookie season and had to undergo surgery to repair a torn labrum.

In 2018, King suffered a hamstring injury that forced him to miss games and was subsequently placed on injured reserve.

In a YouTube video posted Friday, the 28-year-old said he misses being on the field in Green Bay but would like more discussions about the mental impact of injuries on athletes.

"After my fifth year with the Packers, I was pretty healthy," King said in the video. "It was a time when I felt pretty good for the first time in a long time.

I had surgery every year for the first four years, so I didn't have a lot of opportunities to stop playing.

The winner of the series meets either the Atlanta Hawks or the Boston Celtics in the second round.

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