Jennifer Garner, known for her role in "13 Going on 30," opened up about a challenging period in her life during a conversation with Reese Witherspoon at Hello Sunshine's Shine Away event in LA

Garner recalled how Reese, her dear friend, provided unwavering support during this public and trying time.

The actress revealed that dance cardio was her coping mechanism during this period, and Reese joined her, despite a minor setback.

They danced so vigorously that Reese ended up with a broken foot but displayed incredible determination to continue.

Reese playfully encouraged everyone to keep dancing as they both navigated the challenges of life together.

Jennifer shared how their daily routine involved working out even during a vacation, showcasing their commitment to each other.

Although the specifics of their hardship and bonding moment weren't disclosed, it's evident that their friendship served as a source of strength and resilience for both.

In 2015, Jennifer Garner went through a challenging time during her separation from husband Ben Affleck, with a focus on being a strong and supportive figure for her children.

She has continued to inspire her fans with her positive outlook and strength, especially during the pandemic, emphasizing her ability to weather difficulties and be resilient.