Born (Date of Birth), 27 June 1986 ; Age (as 2023), 37 Years ; Birthplace, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Jinnie Jaaz

She is is well known for the role in Jaane Anjane Mein web series by Ullu Entertainments. After her role in that she became the sensational personality.

In the latest web series release, the story revolves around three close friends who take turns managing a house and its various responsibilities.

Akeli Primeshots web series 

The young woman residing in the house often spends time with them, enjoying their company. One of the friends takes his turn to fulfill his assigned tasks at the house.

However, the girl had anticipated some excitement and fun during his visit, but to her disappointment, he did not provide any.

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Feeling let down, the girl underestimates the friend's ability to bring joy and entertainment. Curious about the reason behind not being invited to the house, the friend confronts the girl.

In the end she explain about her needs nad they both agree on the romantic love.

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