Khloe Kardashian recently posted a mirror selfie on her Instagram stories, showing off her toned body and claiming that the time was 4.53am ahead of her workout.

In the post, she spoke to her millions of followers about her workout routine and the times she enjoys exercising.

She admitted that while she works out early all the time, waking up at 4.30 or 5 am is brutal for her.

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Despite her dedication to fitness, Khloe's claim of waking up early to workout drew criticism from fans on a Reddit thread.

Many questioned the validity of her statement as they noticed the sky outside in her photo.

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Some argued that there was no reason for Khloe to wake up so early every day to exercise, as even regular people with full-time jobs can find time to work out during the day.

Some commenters also pointed out the impracticality of Khloe's claims, questioning how she manages to work out with a full face of makeup and her long hair down.

Additionally, they noted that it was already bright outside, contradicting her claim of it being 4.53am.

This isn't the first time Khloe has faced criticism for her fitness claims. In the past, she has been accused of promoting unhealthy body standards.