Klay Thompson doesn't mince words about how the Warriors played on Saturday night.  After Golden State lost Game 3  to the Los Angeles Lakers 127-97 at Crypto.com Arena,

Thompson explained that the Warriors had just been beaten and what they needed to do better in the Western Conference Semifinals of Game 4.

"Just be mentally stronger and come together as a team, not apart"; The 33-year-old told reporters. “Monday is a great opportunity for us to show what matters to us and hopefully our tenacity too.

"I think we are a very strong team and unfortunately today we were beaten on the boards, glass, and free throw line so it's up to us to watch the video, analyze it and get better."

After Thompson's 30-point payout in Game 2 helped the Warriors beat the Lakers at the Chase Center on Thursday,

there were high hopes that Golden State could carry that confidence en route to Golden State. Draymond Green said that the second quarter hurt the Warriors

and that the game "stopped," noting how often the Lakers went to the free-throw line.

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