The long-awaited Aaron Rodgers deal was announced Monday as the New York Jets and  Green Bay Packers finally reached an agreement on a selection package for the four-time league MVP.

As we discussed earlier this week, the second night of the 2023 NFL draft was likely considered a "flexible term," and we now have an agreement.

So what's the next NFL draft entry to come true? Will he be one of them? ,  There is disagreement over which team gets to "control" the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

While some, like me, argued that the Arizona Cardinals had the first-round keys, others preferred the Seattle Seahawks or the Detroit Lions.

However, the assumption that the Cardinals can start on the first night of the draft begins with the assumption

that Team Arizona will give Arizona a huge package of picks for promotion to the quarterback.

NFL Draft rumors

However, recent reports suggest the Cardinals are struggling to find a dance partner.

NFL Draft rumors

On Monday, Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer  wrote that while Arizona is trying to come down, from what he's hearing,

"it doesn't look like swinging a pickaxe is going to be easy." Now Breer puts this into perspective with the idea that if C.J. Stroud is available, maybe it's easier to find a team ready to play.

However, if Stroud goes off the board while the Cardinals are on the clock,  Arizona could have a harder time finding such a trading partner.

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