The Bravo cast got wild and graceless during the Enchanted Mike show while observing Precious Stone Kung Minkoff's 40th birthday celebration in Las Vegas on the series' Nov. 8 episode.

During the presentation, Gem and Erika Jayne were welcomed in front of an audience where they got NSFW lap moves from two shirtless cast individuals.

In any case, when Erika took things to a higher level by lying on her back with her legs spread as an artist claimed to perform or@l s*x on her, Sutton Stracke was left grasping her pearls in shock.

"I'm leaving!" she proclaimed prior to leaving the theater with sickening apprehension. " What the f- - that's what k was?! I'm on the leading body of the American Expressive Dance Establishment!"

What's more, indeed, her costars were irritated by her a show about male strippers. As Dorit Kemsley noted in her confession booth, 

"Same story, different day. This is Sutton, continuously making herself the focal point of consideration."

Kyle Richards and Garcelle Beauvais then, at that point, pursued Sutton, who kept on yelling about how dismayed she was.

"I don't have companions that outfit in front of an audience and have men's appearances in their groin," she told her two costars. " I live by an alternate norm for myself."

Concerning Kyle's interpretation of the explosion? She said in a confession booth, "Sutton is plainly vexed that Erika and Precious Stone were certainly standing out up there with these folks.

"All things considered, prior that day, Erika had prompted that any individual who needed to get a lap dance ought to wear pants, which Sutton did.

While Sutton denied her implosion was about not getting pulled up in front of an audience,

RHOBH's Kyle Richards Slams

Kyle demanded, "I'm almost certain this can something to do with the jeans," just rankling her companion more.

"You go partake in the strip club show that ya'll came to see, I would rather not," Sutton pronounced. " That's what my image isn't."

Be that as it may, when Kyle referred to her costar's response as "unreasonable," Sutton shouted at her to "shut up," causing the Halloween Finishes entertainer to consider her a "b- - - h."

"I am so not accepting Sutton's story," Kyle made sense of in her confession booth. " You carried cash to place in their jeans! I've never seen such a switch of a character so quick."

As they left the scene, the battle just deteriorated as Sutton said, "You're such a bitch! You truly are. You hit extremely low, Kyle."

This made Kyle counter, "Would you say you are messing with me? You don't say 'your image'? Presently you're being a b- - - h! Don't you be a f- - lord b- - - h to me."