Last month, Raquel, 28, filed a temporary restraining order against Scheana, 37, claiming that Scheana punched her in the face after learning that

she was having an affair with Tom Sandoval while he was dating long-time girlfriend Ariana Madix, who is one of Scheana‘s closest friends.

While Scheana denied the allegations, the two ladies had to film the Vanderpump Rules season 10 separately because of the restraining order.

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night (April 19), Scheana detailed the altercation between her and Raquel.

“I did not punch her in the face,” Scheana said. “As you see I can’t really form a proper fist,” Scheana explained while demonstrating trying to form a fist with her long nails.

Host Andy Cohen then brought up the rumors that Scheana‘s husband Brock Davies hooked up with Raquel prior to their wedding while Raquel was temporarily living in their house.

While Scheana said that she didn’t think there was “any truth” to these rumors, she did ask Brock, 30, if anything happened between him and Raquel.

“I absolutely did question him because, after all the Tom and Raquel stuff, which I didn’t think was true, I obviously had to ask,” Scheana explained.

“He said, ‘Absolutely not,’ but, as a follow-up question [I asked], ‘Did she ever try?’” As for if she thinks Raquel and Tom, 40, are in love,

Scheana said that she thinks the two of them are “wrapped up in this weird affair,” which she hears is “toxic already.”

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