Beckett Rex, son of English actor Malcolm McDowell, announced on social media that he has quit American Idol despite making it to the Top 26 finalists.

n a statement shared on his Instagram Stories, Beckett confirmed that he made the decision to leave the competition, but did not disclose the reason for his departure.

It is speculated that the show's producers may have edited him out of the episodes after he left.

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Host Ryan Seacrest revealed on the latest episode that one of the Top 26 finalists had decided to bow out of the competition, and introduce the first alternate contestant, Paige Anne.

Beckett's unexpected exit followed Sara Beth Liebe's departure from the competition to be with her family back home and Kaya Stewart's withdrawal due to illness.

While it is unclear why Beckett decided to leave the show, his decision may have been influenced by various factors, such as personal reasons or disagreements with the show's production team.

Despite his early exit, Beckett remains a talented musician with a promising career ahead of him.

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American Idol has been a popular reality competition show since its debut in 2002, providing a platform for aspiring musicians to showcase their talents to a wide audience.

The show has produced many successful artists over the years, including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Adam Lambert.

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