Tiger Woods and his attorneys filed a motion to dismiss his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman's lawsuit  Monday, marking the final phase of their messy split.

Woods and his attorneys allege in a filing obtained by Yahoo Sports that Herman both voluntarily agreed to sign a (NDA) and agreed to settle the dispute through private arbitration,

which he now publicly seeks. Herman revealed some details about their relationship in a lawsuit received by Yahoo Sports last week.

He said Woods "decided to have a sexual relationship with his employee and then, according to him, forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement or he would be fired from the job."

And when he wasn't happy with their sexual relationship, he made her leave the house, locked her in the house,

took her money, pets, and belongings, and tried to force her to sign different non-disclosure agreements.

Woods ended the relationship thanks to "a plan," Herman said. She claims she was told to pack for a trip to the Bahamas,

and that the game "stopped," noting how often the Lakers went to the free-throw line.

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