Tori Spelling has been reflecting on her date with Eddie Cibrian, which ended in drunkenness and vomiting.

Tori Spelling recalls getting ‘so wasted

"By the end, I was exhausted, so exhausted that I went to  the bathroom, accidentally went into the kitchen

and threw up in the back of the kitchen," the actress said on Monday's episode of Bethenny Frankel's ReWives podcast.

Spelling explained that when the 'Young and the Restless star took her out on a date - when she was 20 and starring in '90210'

- he told her he wasn't "really hungry" so they had it easy and should have a drink.

Tori Spelling recalls getting ‘so wasted

"So I was like, 'What are you saying?' The girl and this young actor and I were like, 'OK, sure,'" she added. The 49-year-old

The Scary Movie 2 star said she was "so nervous" and hadn't eaten before adding fuel to the fire.

Tori Spelling recalls getting ‘so wasted

“Long story short, he threw up on my back and then carried me home. I think he kissed me and I said, "Ugh, I hope I'm not throwing up," she recalled.

Meanwhile, Spelling was previously married to Charlie Shanian, but they separated after a year of marriage in 2005 when,

like Cibrian, she was in a relationship with her now-husband Dean McDermott.

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