Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young is optimistic about his team's future despite being eliminated in the first round of the 2023 NBA playoffs.

Atlanta didn't hire Snyder until February, so he didn't have much time to establish himself. The Hawks actually had a losing record (13-15) when he arrived.

Looking ahead, organizational questions aren't really centered on Snyder. 

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The 56-year-old had approx.585 batting average with the Utah Jazz and made them perennial postseason rivals. He's clearly a good coach.

In Atlanta, the uncertainty comes more from the properties and partly from Young, with the latter being particularly significant.

Stadium Shams Charania reported on April 11 that Hawks officials "closely monitor Trae Young's schedule

Trae Young Says Hawks 

and on-court habits from the ground up," a milestone in his fifth season in the championship.

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