Troye Sivan is gearing up for the release of his third album and has been sharing the experiences that inspired his new tracks.

In an interview with The Guardian, Sivan explained that his new visuals, which are more sexually charged, 

reflect his newfound freedom in not worrying about how others perceive him as a gay man in pop music.

He cited artists like Lil Nas X as an inspiration for boldly taking up space in the mainstream pop world.

Sivan mentioned that he had previously felt constrained to a certain niche, describing it as "alt-bedroom-sadboy-gay-pop."

However, his recent work, such as the music video for "Rush," goes beyond that description.

Troye Sivan's Unapologetic Evolution in Pop Music

Sivan's song "One of Your Girls" draws from his experiences with men who hadn't been with other men before, sometimes leaving him feeling sad.

He speculated that these feelings might stem from childhood experiences of not feeling good enough and finding himself drawn to certain guys.

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Sivan acknowledged that he often ended up downplaying himself or keeping his experiences a secret.

Troye Sivan's Unapologetic Evolution in Pop Music

Sivan's new album, "Something to Give Each Other," features songs that reflect these themes, with "Got Me Started"

being the first released track from it, offering a sexually charged party vibe and sampling Bag Raiders' hit "Shooting Stars."