Braun, 23, was taken early in the third lap, No. 1. 66 total. "Sydney Brown has been an avid player to many in this organization," Roseman said late  Friday night.

“He was a Red Star guy. And I think he's just a great guy with obviously great athletic tools, leadership skills, and for us just thrilled to have him in the building.

The boy with the red star? What the hell does that mean?     Good, Roseman explained.

Why Eagles gave 3rd-rounder a red star before the draft

"He's a guy who exemplifies what it means to be an eagle," he replied. "So he's a great captain with character, he controls numbers, intelligence, plays like he should, trains like he should.

Brown ticked all of those boxes for the Eagles this season.     Roseman said the Eagles get together every Wednesday night before the next day's draft begins to hand out those red stars.

It's a process the organization takes seriously, and it's an honor that sometimes really counts when the draft begins.

"We'll go around the room and give each scout a chance to put their red stars on the guys," Roseman said.

"Looking back it's a long tradition not just here but some other places that people have been and if you look at the scoreboard we have a red star for the lads

and Jeffrey (Lurie) will say a lot of times 'Hey, don't forget, and we're picking between these two guys, it's the guy with the red star.

I think for us it gives our scouts a chance to really show off the guys and it makes them very proud."

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