Nicki Minaj has made a tongue-in-cheek offer to take Meghan Markle's spot at King Charles' Coronation in May, after Prince Harry announced he would be attending alone.

The rapper, who recently released a single titled Princess Diana, joked that she would be sat next to the Duke of Sussex at the historic royal event, adopting an English accent as she spoke.

Nicki has previously courted controversy on social media, going viral in 2021 for professing her love for former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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She also faced criticism after revealing that she had refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 at the MetGala.

The rapper's decision sparked a backlash, with many social media users expressing concern that her comments could encourage vaccine hesitancy.

As for Nicki's offer to attend King Charles' Coronation, it is unlikely that she will actually be seated next to Prince Harry, and her comments should be taken as a lighthearted joke.

The event is likely to be a solemn occasion, marking a historic moment in the history of the British monarchy, and it is important to show respect and dignity for the occasion.

Ultimately, Nicki's antics on social media are a reflection of her playful personality and her willingness to speak her mind.

While her comments may sometimes be controversial or polarizing, they are also a reminder of the power of social media to shape mind.

All Images Credit to Google Images/ respective Owner